Best Loyalty Programs Software and Apps in 2021

Best Loyalty Programs Software and Apps in 2021

Best Loyalty Programs Software and Apps in 2021

Many businesses find it hard to set up and manage their customer loyalty programs because they cannot find the right tools to use. However, IT provides some excellent tools that can make it easier and more convenient to set up and manage loyalty programs. For instance, small businesses may not afford the high budgets of full-fledged loyalty reward programs. But they can also create automated systems from available applications towards a successful loyalty program campaign.

Furthermore, last year 2020 came with many surprises that forced many companies to make several adjustments. One of the critical processes that took a hit is the way they run their marketing campaigns. For instance, many businesses turn to digital options aside from the conventional methods of marketing. 

Consequently, the design of loyalty programs also became influenced by the digital surge. The pandemic lockdown limited the chances that customers look for the products and services they need. Instead, the business owners had to find a way to take their products and services to their potential customers’ homes to make sales.

Besides, businesses improvised new ways to digitize their products and services to convey them through digital means, including mobile apps, digital ads, social media marketing, and other similar ways. Therefore, this article identifies some of the top apps applicable to a company’s loyalty program for the best possible outcome. 

Best Company Loyalty Program Software

  1. Sparkage

Sparkage has ten 5-star reviews on, which shows the extent of its effectiveness as a digital loyalty platform, especially for small businesses. The app allows the company to come face-to-face with their customers with handy tools that enhance building loyalty for returning customers and re-engaging with the lost customers. It can also allow you to reach new customers and win them over from your competitors. In other words, this mobile app allows users and business owners to become digital for higher productivity.

  1. TopMango

TapMango begins to help your business by recreating your full brand loyalty for both the leads and the products/services. The software is engineered to help a business load up a loyalty program with state-of-the-art techniques. Also, it has some advanced rewards program that values the customers and earns a visible growth through the retention of loyal customers. 

It also offers unique tools for business owners that include a viable referral system, a review boost, revenue increase, a sound referral system, flash sales, mobile order, and many more offers. However, this app is somewhat handy to retail outlets or general product-based businesses. When carefully used, it can help a business acquire more customers who are more willing to not only buy the product and service.

  1. Revetize

Revetize is a business marketing software that small businesses can explore to create the best user experience for their customers. Also, the app contains some tools such as local business directory, online review platform, referral systems, promotions, customer follow-ups, NPS, and other loyalty campaigns that are available to the business owner. This single platform also allows constant interaction between the customer and the business manager through email, SMS, voicemail, and pen-written letters. 

  1. Kangaroo

Kangaroo centers on customer loyalty, engagement, and marketing options that are available to the customers. It has a customizable engagement solution that promotes customers’ chances of getting special offers and rewards for appropriate sales action. It also contains special rewards, promos, automated marketing, branded apps, digital gift cards, robust reporting, and a customized omnichannel experience for users.  Interestingly, this app is not only useful to English-speaking users, but it also supports French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  1. Talon.One

Talon.One is more of a promotional engine for businesses rather than a loyalty program enhancement tool. However, being a flexible app, business owners can use the app to create loyalty programs integrated into the overall business goal. It is also easy to use as it requires no technical skill to either set up or manage. In terms of the integration process, the app also provides viable support to guide the user through the whole process. It also provides all that the user needs at the right place, thereby improving the customer or user experience. Finally, users can automate the processes from this app to suit the specific needs of customers. 

  1. Loyalty Operator

Loyalty Operator is your choice app for customer loyalty and building sustainable relationship marketing for a brand with its customers. One unique benefit of this app is that it uses a cloud-based loyalty management scheme and relationship marketing campaigns. These campaigns can also create more chances to help brands make a better impression on their existing customers. 

This method can also be useful for manufacturing and retailing companies ready to invest their efforts into the digital space. This app’s features include activity tracking, consumer reviews, audience grouping or segmentation, and rewards administration.

  1. CandyBar

CandyBar is another unique app solution for reaching loyal customers that are essential to your business’s thriving. Simultaneously, this app applies to small businesses that are already used to the brick and mortar processes. For instance, it is applicable for restaurants, cafes, salons, spas, and similar businesses. 

By this process, the business can increase sales to an acceptable level to give the customers a good reward for the spent amount. One unique feature of this app is that it allows the business to track their customers’ specific needs through multiple channels, all within a unified app.

Due to the market’s viable competition, it ordinarily becomes a little more difficult for small businesses to gain market favor. In addition to the typical marketing strategies, the digital customer loyalty programs provide a slightly level ground for these small businesses. However, the management must carefully strategize the implementation process of this digital means. Business owners must also identify the involved tasks, map out customer behavior, collect useful data, and track these vital customers’ loyalty rewards. The small business loyalty programs in the form of app and software use increase these businesses’ profit chances. 

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